4T/5T HDD Retro Game Console Retrobat&Playnite&Launchbox for 60000+AAA/3D/Retro Games

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Retro Game Console – 4T/5T HDD with 60000+ Games for PS/Xbox

Retro Game Console with 4T/5T HDD. Includes Retrobat&Playnite&Launchbox for 60000+AAA/3D/Retro Games. Compatible with PS5/PS4/X BOX. Plug&Play on Win 8.1/10/11.

About Hyper Base MIX Gaming HDD



  • 3-in-1 Game System

    A game drive that integrates three powerful game fronts into one, use this hard drive to access more than 60,000+(5t hdd)/55400+(4t hdd) pre-installed retro games, including AAA games, classic retro games, massive 3D games. Is your best choice!

  • 100% Plug & Play

    can run directly on windows system

  • Launchbox system

    The Launchbox game system is pre-installed with 10000+(5t hdd)/6102(4t hdd) large-scale video games, providing a smooth and lag-free gaming experience. Launchbox supports modern games and emulates retro gam

  • Retrobat system

    The Retrobat game system comes with 50000+(5t) /49289(4t) games and is compatible with 66 emulators. RetroBat is designed to automate emulation stations with RetroArch and standalone emulators, perfect for lovers of classic games.

  • Playnite system

    Playnite t game system is an open source video game library manager, we pre-installed 60+/44+ AAA PC games, more big games are waiting for you to play! The Hyper Base MIX only supports 64-bit Win8.1 and above operating systems


Three Systems in One

The ultimate game hdd, Hyper Base MIX This hard disk game machine integrates three front-ends: Launchbox, RetroBat and Playnite to meet the various needs of customers

  1. Launchbox is a software application intended to be used as a game emulator.
  2. RetroBat is designed to configure automatically Emulation Station frontend with RetroArch and standalone emulators.
  3. Playnite is an open source video game library manager with one simple goal: To provide a unified interface for all of your games.


100% Plug&Play

The game hard disk hyper base mix is 100% plug-and-play, no driver, no download and installation, directly run the game and manage the game library in Windows, no need to switch systems !


Simple Intuitive Operation Interface

Intuitive page, easy to search and browse games, Anyone who has been searching for an all-in-one application that boasts a user-friendly layout will be happy with what is in store


Retro Game Console

63000+Games!No Duplication!

Hyper Base MIX Game List:


Hyper Base MIX Lite(4TB) Game List:


The product is pre-installed with 60,000+/55400+ games, including AAA games, classic retro games, and massive 3D games. It is your best choice!

  1. Launchbox

    10000+/6100 games are pre-installed, and can run large-scale emulator 3D games, such as PS1/PS2 /Sega Saturn/Game cube/Dreamcast. It is worth noting: We have added for you, almost all series of ps1 ps2 games, no duplication of games.

  2. Playnite

    Pre-installed 60+/44+ games, running large 3A games, and supports real-time controller vibration, and some PS4, PS5, XBOX large games

  3. Retrobat

    Pre-installed 50000+/49200+ games, can run small simulator 3D games, such as MAME/N64/Nes/NeoGeo/Gameboy, including classic retro games, arcade games, fighting games, racing games, competitive games, puzzle games and other games type


Surprise! Update the Game for Free

  • 100000+ classic retro game download resources
  • Massive 3D game download resources
  • 400+ AAA game download resources

We provide you with a free game download resource account password, you can directly log in to our server to download and install!


Applicable System

The Hyper Base MIX only supports 64-bit Win8.1 and above operating systems,You can check your PC by right clicking ‘This PC’ and choose ‘Properties’.
Note: If you want to have a better gaming experience,It is recommended to use a CPU above I5 and a discrete graphics card above 1050ti


Retro Game Console

Multilingual System

Support global players


Choose Your Favorite Controller

If you don’t have your own gamepad, choose your favorite model from three controllers!

  1. 706W (wireless handle)

    2.4G wireless game controller, no need to be bound by wires, no delay!

  2. 218 (wired controller)

    Wired PC Game Controller, Supports Dual Vibration Motor Gamepads

  3. D2E (wired controller)

    BETOP D2E wired gamepad supports vibration motor function, giving you a better gaming experience!


Retro Game Console

Support Multiplayer Game

This is the best gift for children, family, friends, enjoy happy time together


USB 3.0 Interface

Higher Speed, Lower Latency, Better Performance!


Package List

  • Hyper Base MIX HDD*1(5T/4T)
  • USB 3.0 cable*1
  • Controller*0/2(three models)

Retro Game Console





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