Professional HD Swimming Glasses Goggles Anti-Fog UV Protection

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Swimming goggles features


① Imported anti-fog coating

Vistex® is a high-quality coating material with excellent abrasion and scratch resistance and a very strong anti-fog effect.


② Wide-angle lens

The goggles are equipped with optical grade curved HD wide-angle lenses for better vision.


③ Integral design of mirror ring and frame

Streamlined biomimetic design Reduces underwater drag, making it easier for you to swim underwater.


④ 3D Silicone Gasket

The ergonomic goggles are designed with an ultra-soft 3D silicone gasket for comfortable cushioning and a perfect fit on your eyes.

You can enjoy swimming without worrying about leaks!


Product information

  1. Design : Leakproof, Double layerDouble layer swimming goggle strap, anti-fog.
  2. Shape : Fit most of face, suit for round face, oval face, slender face, melon face, square face and so on.
  3. Seal : Shock absorption and pressure seal.
  4. Straps : High flexible straps, adjustable.
  5. Occasion : Swimming pool, seaside, beach, surfing.




1. Whether it suits for people who has a wide face?

A : Fits perfectly. Our goggles fit for most of face shape, do not worry.


2. Does the Goggles sweat in the water?

A : No, if you suddenly fogged up glasses(inside), please check whether you wear well of the goggles.


3. Which color is better?

A : All is good, mirror goggles suits for outdoors, clear goggles suit for indoor pool.


4. Whether it is suit for 9-11 years children?

A : No, it suit for adult, but if the head of children is not too small, then ok.


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