Natural Round Tiger Eye Amazonite Lava Turquoises Loose Stone Beads For Jewelry Making DIY Bracelet

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Natural Stone Beads

Create stunning jewelry with our natural stone beads. Explore tiger eye, amazonite, lava, turquoise and more. Perfect for DIY bracelets and jewelry making.

Size & Quantity

  • 4mm 88 to 91pcs
  • 6mm 59 to 61pcs
  • 8mm 45 to 46pcs
  • 10mm 36 to 37pcs
  • 12mm 29 to 30pcs
  • Length: 15inches one strand (Approx 39cm)


The beads may have slight color and size difference.we mainly sell natural stones,handmade or machine grinding, it is hard be the same.Please understand before you buy.If you are not satisfied,please contact us to solve for you.

AmazoniteTiger Eye

Step 1: Need to use tools: elastic thread, beads, scissors and bead thread
Step 2: Pass the elastic wire through the folded part of the bead wire (if the bead has a larger hole, you can double-fold the cable)
Step 3: Put on the beads until the bracelet fits your wrist (hint: the length of the rope = the size of the wrist x 2 + 40cm)Tighten the stretch cord and adjust the size between the beads to make them close to each other
Step 4: Make a double knot for the two strands
Step 5: Cut off the excess part of the stretch cord
Step 6: Hide the knot in a bead

Natural Stone Beads







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